Hwy 70 at Third Creek
Accident with injuries

This accident occurred when the car pulled out in front of the van.  There were a couple injuries, with one subject going in and out of consciousness.   Units did not have to extricate the people, but there was a small amount of fluids in the road. 

Iredell Rescue Unit

Both of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Front of the car.

The van has the wheel broken and under the frame.

There was some discussion among people involved.

I am not sure where the damage to the rear came from.

The airbags deployed and windshield was spidered.

The hood was pushed back to the firewall.

Another view of the front of the truck.

The broken wheel on the van.

A truck with a wonderful light pattern.  Half of the lights are off.

Wayside Fire with Iredell Co Deputy coming along side.

Deputy Chief

Strange that only one air bag deployed.

Deputies on the scene.


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