Clayton St Industrial Fire
Statesville, NC

This was a rather large fire in a metal fabricated building.  I believe there were a number of businesses in the building and most of the businesses were destroyed.  The heat was a critical factor in fighting this fire, as ambient temperature was 88 degrees.  Statesville Fire Department was the first in responders, and eventually a general alarm was called, then a call for volunteer departments to assist.  The Iredell County EMS responded with multiple trucks and supervisors who assisted with firemen who had heat related problems.  The Iredell County Fireman's Association Mobile Air Van, Iredell Rescue, Statesville Police, Monticello Fire, Troutman Fire, West Iredell Fire, and multiple others who were put on standby.  A few firemen had IV's started due to the heat and loss of fluids.  It was an excellent job by all personnel on site.

The fire was burning at this end of the building upon my arrival.  There was a report of a ruptured oil tank which put down 400 gallons of oil.  Most of this was burning outside the building.

The main pumper at the opposite end of the building.

Fireman felling the heat in all the gear he was wearing.

The oil fire was burning pretty good as the building also burned.

Fighting the fire from an open garage door on the south side of the building.

Paramedics come to the aid of a the firemen who was suffering from heat problems.

A fire tornado appeared with the little breeze that was blowing.

The column would raise and lower with the wind.

Side 3 command setting up for attack on the fire.

Paramedics calling for the ambulance to come to the top of the hill.

Tony assists on the hose.

Assisting the fireman to the ambulance.

The fire starts to come through the roof of the building.

Other firemen are being checked out for heat related problems.

A check back on the fire shows the flames are gaining through the roof.

Cooling off on the tailboard of the ambulance.

The oil continues to burn with a little more intensity.

The walls start to buckle and the flames are getting bigger - there was a small explosion that shot up some additional smoke.

Engine 6 coming in to set up a foam operation.

Putting water on the fire from a distance.

Hitting the fire on the side of the building.

Getting into a position of comfort to continue the water flowing.

The firemen are having to control the 3" hose.

Heavy white smoke when they hit the oil fire from the other side.

Making an attack on the oil.

With the oil fire out, they can concentrate on the interior.

The Chief Fitzgerald getting updates.

Sending water from the truck to supply the foam.

Shooting foam through a hole in the door.

Statesville Fire Marshall getting an update as all units are logged and information gathered from employee.

Side 1 on the building shows damage but under control.  The fire went the entire length of the building.

Firemen with their soaked shirts cool off in the shade.

Looking inside the end after getting under control.

A rehab was set up on the hill with fans and water.

A pool of oil is standing near the hose.

Getting blood pressure checked.

Getting an IV started to replace fluids.

The stick is the worse part of the ordeal.

Chief Fitzgerald continues even while in rehab.

Channel 6 helicopter showed up on the scene.

The unit's air conditioning is working overtime to help cool down firemen.

Paramedics go from one fireman to another checking them out.

The helicopter is setting down on the other side of the building.

Being out of the sun, drinking some cool water, and feeling some cool air.

Wayne is a towel head in his own way. 


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