Shelton Ave at Iredell Memorial Gardens
Head On Collision

Two cars met head on as a lady turned in front of a car.  All patients were transported to the hospital, although none appeared to be life threatening.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman police, Iredell Co Sheriff Dept, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Patrol were on the scene.

Working with the lady in her vehicle.

Other two subjects were in a mess of lawnmowers and child seats that were for sale.

Heavy front damage to the Mercury Marquis as workers get the patient ready to be taken from vehicle.

Paramedic gets the neck brace set as other have the back board and stretcher ready.

Others work with the driver as other patient leans against the car.

As rescue workers arrive, each patient is tended to by trained personnel.

Spinal immobilization is done on the driver.

Heavy damage to the front of the Chrysler.

Both air bags were deployed and helping to keep injuries not too severe.

The lady from the other car is also being immobilized.

Transporting the patient to the ambulance.

Immobilization is done in the standing position to the passenger in the Chrysler.

Path of car shown through all the items for sale.

Getting the driver loaded in the ambulance.

The heavy damage to the Chrysler.

EMS unit leaving the scene.

Trooper getting witnesses to write down a statement.

Troutman 102 Fire Truck

Troutman Police, Iredell Co Sheriff Deputy, and SHP Trooper.

While loading the Chrysler, a fire breaks out under the car.

A little flame is seen from under the car.

Putting some water on the fire.

Getting some water from the fire truck.

Cutting the battery cable to stop further shorting.


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