August 8, 2006
Lexington, NC
Pallet Plant Fire

Guest Photographer - Brad Poole


Attached are pictures from a fire that occurred on Sunday, August 8 at approximately 0730. It was located at Pallet Resources of North Carolina, 4572 N. NC Hwy 150 in Lexington. It was a 4 alarm dispatch that included the following fire departments and support agencies from Davidson County, Forsyth County, and Davie County.

Units responding:
Davidson County: A-RC-H Sta. 33, Griffith Sta. 15, West Lexington Sta.
71, Welcome Sta. 73, Tyro Sta. 67, Reeds Sta. 51, Triangle Sta. 64, Midway Sta. 86, Churchland Sta. 31, Linwood Sta. 41, City Of Lexington Ladder 1 and Command 6, Mobile Air 1, Davidson County EMS, Davidson County Emergency Management, Davidson County Fire Marshal.

Forsyth County: Clemmons Sta. 14

Davie County: Davie County Sta. 15

Company Transfers: Davidson County: Hasty Sta. 96 and Gumtree Sta. 35.


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