Jet Ski Accident
Stillwater Rd, Troutman

The call came in as an accident involving 2 jet skis.  Fire/rescue got their boats started, but were cancelled enroute when the patients were brought to the dock by a boater.  The jet skis were not seen, and reports that someone towed them away.  The patients appeared to have minor injuries, the female had a broken leg and the male appeared to have lacerations and possible back injuries.  Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, NC Wildlife Lake Patrol responded and Mooresville Rescue was on standby.

The boat that had the patient was pulling up to the dock.

Equipment had to be taken down to the dock.

The dock quickly filled up with back boards, and head beds as well as spectators.

The first patient was worked on getting the leg immobilized.

The fractured leg was set in a pillow to keep from moving.

The first patient was taken off of the dock and carried to the ambulance.

Wildlife officers arrive on the scene to start investigation.

The second patient is put on the back board and prepared for transport.

Iredell County Sheriff Dept boat arrived to help keep boat traffic away from the dock.

Wildlife officers talking with the homeowner about what he may have seen.

These 2 deer were at the side of the road watching the activity.

After being seen, they took off into the woods, and a small fawn was seen.


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