Motorcycle Accident
Wallace Springs Rd

This has been a strange month as to the number of motorcycle accidents.  Today's accident occurred when the lady driving the green Ford tried to avoid hitting a cat by slamming on the brakes.  The motorcycle hit the rear of the car, causing the rider to lose control.  The patient had a compound fracture of the lower left leg.  The paramedics did a great job of immobilizing the injury and getting the patient ready for transport.  This series of pictures shows the process of packaging the patient.  Some of the strangeness is that there was a crime scene set up at the accident scene for a suicide that had occurred earlier in the day.  

mini-001.jpg (188590 bytes)
Scene as paramedics arrive on the scene to assess patient.

mini-004.jpg (205289 bytes)
Checking the patient out for other injuries other than obvious fractured leg.

mini-007.jpg (141157 bytes)
Steve Wooten getting information and putting on tape on his leg.

mini-008.jpg (112876 bytes)
Joe Weiland determines what equipment will be needed and gets fire personnel to assist.

mini-009.jpg (244739 bytes)
Compound fracture site is not bleeding, but has bone protruding slightly.

mini-010.jpg (190618 bytes)
Steve starts an IV to get fluids started and allow a shot of morphine for pain management.

mini-011.jpg (128920 bytes)
The site is accessed and getting ready for fluids to start.

mini-015.jpg (152894 bytes)
Getting the wound stabilized for long splint boards to be applied.

mini-016.jpg (169129 bytes)
Aligning the boards so wound is not blocked or further injury caused.

mini-017.jpg (130456 bytes)
While Steve holds leg, Joe gets the Ace Bandage wrapped.

mini-018.jpg (175594 bytes)
The triangle bandage is tightened to secure the lower part of the leg.

mini-019.jpg (172702 bytes)
Joe starts working on secure the upper end of the splint.

mini-020.jpg (171376 bytes)
The tying of the knot just about completes the splinting.

mini-024.jpg (177950 bytes)
The leg is immobilized .

mini-027.jpg (167938 bytes)
The patient is rolled and placed on a backboard in spinal protocol.

mini-031.jpg (142736 bytes)
Joe is maintaining traction on the head while others secure the spider starps.

mini-032.jpg (192061 bytes)
The spider straps are put on to secure the patient to the back board.

mini-033.jpg (132682 bytes)
Each strap of the spider strap goes through holes in the back board and are velcro.

mini-035.jpg (200213 bytes)
The patient is loaded onto the stretchers and getting prepared for transport.

mini-036.jpg (205914 bytes)
The patient is put gently on the stretcher.

mini-038.jpg (143459 bytes)
They head for the ambulance for the trip to the hospital.

mini-042.jpg (117138 bytes)
Getting the stretcher in the ambulance, which hospital is confirmed.

mini-044.jpg (117509 bytes)
Impact point on the motorcycle where it hit the car.

mini-047.jpg (228208 bytes)
The motorcycle was not too heavily damaged, but it will be a while before the rider is back on it.

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