Carrigan Road
Overturned Car

A young man was fortunate not to be hurt when he rolled his girlfriend's vehicle.  The officer on scene believed that he was intoxicated and took him to the local jail.  When he left the road, he hit a mailbox for the mobile home community, destroying it totally. 

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Resting place of the car as firemen check the scene.

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The top of the car had numerous butterflies but they didn't seem to help.

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The bottom isn't showing any damage and was later pushed back on it's wheels.

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The young man without the shirt was telling firemen what happened.

mini-005.jpg (157399 bytes)
Mailbox and mail strewn about the scene. 

mini-006.jpg (170748 bytes)
All that is left of the pedestal where the mailboxes were located.

mini-008.jpg (135116 bytes)
Looking toward vehicle on it's side with mailboxes.

mini-009.jpg (156664 bytes)
Most of the mail appeared to be flyers but there were a few bills in there.

mini-010.jpg (100342 bytes)
The side of the vehicle that appears to have hit the mailboxes first.

mini-011.jpg (164166 bytes)
Residents and firemen pick up loose mail and put it together.

mini-013.jpg (115398 bytes)
The trooper has the driver in the scene as 3rd mailbox is collected.

mini-015.jpg (98205 bytes)
The trooper writing citations make the driver feel a little worse.

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