Murdock Rd @ Old Murdock Road

From reports, the GMC Yukon did not slow at the intersection and hit a pickup truck.  The SUV continued through a chain link fence into a number of stacked tiles.  The tiles are a composite tile, and were on top of the vehicle.  The door had had to be removed to get the patient out of the vehicle.

mini-001.jpg (129195 bytes)
The pickup sitting on the side of the roadway as paramedics work on patient.

mini-002.jpg (100442 bytes)
SUV in the stacks of tiles on the lot.

mini-003.jpg (114448 bytes)
Workers getting to get the patient out.

mini-009.jpg (121060 bytes)
Getting the Hurst Tool ready for extrication.

mini-015.jpg (118284 bytes)
Making decisions on how to get the door removed.

mini-022.jpg (143249 bytes)
Overview of the scene.

mini-026.jpg (148898 bytes)
Close quarters while trying to work.

mini-029.jpg (149034 bytes)
Using the Hurst Tool on the door.

mini-038.jpg (124159 bytes)
Using a chain come-along to to pull the door.

mini-040.jpg (137619 bytes)
Getting the patient out of the vehicle.

mini-044.jpg (116491 bytes)
After patient removed, view of work area.

mini-054.jpg (91827 bytes)
State Trooper on scene.

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