Car vs. Motorcycle
Talley St @ US 21

A motorcycle coming down the road was hit by a small car which did not see the motorcycle.  It appears that motorcycle sustained heavy damage on the right side.  The rider was thrown and had road rash on his arms.  He was handled in spinal protocol due to he mechanism of the incident.


mini-PICT0001.JPG (201025 bytes)
First responders on the scene stabilize the motorcyclist's head.

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I apologize that this is blurred as the motorcycle crossed a walkway and road to hit the house.

mini-PICT0003.JPG (200700 bytes)
Closer inspection of the motorcycle by fire personnel.

mini-PICT0004.JPG (220992 bytes)
Looking at it from the front porch.

mini-PICT0005.JPG (199186 bytes)
Officer and firemen attempt to pull back from the porch - front rim was in the tire.

mini-PICT0006.JPG (198887 bytes)
Impact to the bumper off the Kia Sophia.

mini-PICT0007.JPG (204508 bytes)
Damaged Kia Sophia that was involved.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (196476 bytes)
Front right end where most damage occurred.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (164193 bytes)
Looking from the front as what hit the motorcycle.

mini-PICT0010.JPG (186744 bytes)
Getting the stretcher in position to lift patient.

mini-PICT0011.JPG (133213 bytes)
Getting the patient across the road meant stopping traffic.

mini-PICT0012.JPG (113027 bytes)
The EMS unit as they get ready to load.

mini-PICT0013.JPG (87726 bytes)
Marcus wanting his picture taken in a firetruck.

mini-PICT0014.JPG (139968 bytes)
Troutman Police car with heavy tinted windows.

mini-PICT0015.JPG (240711 bytes)
The helmets were left on the side of the road until the wrecker can get the bike.

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