I77 at 49mm
Truck overturned.

A horse trailer appeared to have had a tire blowout and that caused the SUV to loose control.  The horse trailer jack-knifed and to miss the trailer, a U-Haul truck swerved, went up a hill, and then overturned.  There were multiple injured persons who were transported to local hospitals.  There was a dog in the truck, and a horse and cat in the horse trailer.  The interstate was shut down for about 1 hour.  Units from Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Rescue, Wayside Fire Dept, and Troutman Fire/Rescue responded to the scene.  The NC SHP handled the accident.

mini-002.jpg (85312 bytes)
Horse trailer and SUV hung up on the guard rail as wrecker attempts to pull it off.

mini-003.jpg (113799 bytes)
Rescue workers assist patients from the truck.

mini-005.jpg (121948 bytes)
Closer look at the front end of the SUV on the guard rail.

mini-006.jpg (94287 bytes)
Blown tire that caused the start of the incident.

mini-007.jpg (109015 bytes)
Front end of the SUV on the guard rail.

mini-010.jpg (105340 bytes)
Rescue workers look for a way into the truck to rescue the dog.

mini-012.jpg (89054 bytes)
Getting the patient ready for transport.

mini-013.jpg (123203 bytes)
Another view of rescue workers at work.

mini-015.jpg (117099 bytes)
Getting the inside lane cleared by the wrecker.

mini-017.jpg (186375 bytes)
The horse was treated for minor cuts on it's chest.

mini-019.jpg (85623 bytes)
Windshield being removed to get dog out of cab. 

mini-020.jpg (143087 bytes)
The dog as he comes out of the cab is a little surprised by all the rescue workers.

mini-025.jpg (146318 bytes)
The dog being calmed after his incident and rescue.

mini-023.jpg (144615 bytes)
Items coming out of the rear of the truck being looked at by firemen.

mini-028.jpg (83297 bytes)
Troopers on scene work to sort out the incident and get measurements.

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