Buffalo Shoals Rd
Moped Accident

A young female on a moped lost control coming out of a turn.  She appears to have traveled about 35 feet before being thrown from the moped.  It appeared that the only injuries were a broken wrist.  Paramedics took the patient to the hospital for treatment.

mini-001.jpg (110749 bytes)
First unit on the scene keep the patient still.

mini-002.jpg (84580 bytes)
The ambulance comes through the curves to the scene.

mini-004.jpg (195276 bytes)
Describing what information has been gathered.

mini-005.jpg (186943 bytes)
Moped shown in proximity of the victim.

mini-006.jpg (230560 bytes)
Dirt on the peg and handle bar show where it possibly flipped.

mini-009.jpg (107733 bytes)
Lessie & Ken working as a team.

mini-010.jpg (159431 bytes)
The arm is being secured on a short splint.

mini-014.jpg (139740 bytes)
Spider straps and stretchers are readied for the patient.

mini-015.jpg (160394 bytes)
A coordinated roll of the patient to get on the back board.  Also checking for injuries.

mini-016.jpg (152669 bytes)
Rescue workers and EMS get patient secured to the board.

mini-020.jpg (160140 bytes)
Getting loaded up for the trip to the hospital.

mini-019.jpg (229265 bytes)
Left on the scene after patient is loaded.

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