US21/I77 Intersection
Troutman, NC

A grandmother with her grandchild went through a changing light and hit a pickup truck that had salvage in the back.  It appeared to have spun the pickup around 180 degrees.  The grandchild was not in a child seat and was not hurt.  Citations were issued for same.  NC Motor Carrier Unit was first on the scene and had scene ready for trooper when he arrived.

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The scene being worked by the EMS with injured female in pickup truck.

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The back end of the pickup was hit and debris was scattered around.

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Jason checking out the grandchild and grandmother in the accident.

mini-004.jpg (160637 bytes)
Getting the young lady ready to transport to be checked out.

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The ambulance was close, so there was just a short roll to get there.

mini-006.jpg (174167 bytes)
Damage to the front end of the passenger car.

mini-007.jpg (154498 bytes)
The load was nearly spilled onto the roadway.

mini-008.jpg (111631 bytes)
Motor Carrier Unit from NC SHP on scene.

mini-009.jpg (176275 bytes)
The paint is being put down at the intersection marking vehicle location.

mini-010.jpg (146744 bytes)
Talking with the victims in the car to make sure that they don't need transport.

mini-011.jpg (162389 bytes)
Truck 10 brings the fluid adsorbent to the scene.  

mini-012.jpg (140156 bytes)
Antifreeze and other fluids are covered with absorbent.

mini-013.jpg (132351 bytes)
Jason getting it put down in a cloud of dust.  He's covering the paint job.

mini-014.jpg (171562 bytes)
Our units blocking on lane as traffic winds it way around.

mini-015.jpg (100054 bytes)
Officer Scottie Murdock Motor Carrier Unit who was also a Troutman Fireman.

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