Rear End Collision
Car vs. Tractor Trailer - Fatality

As traffic was backing up for road construction, the pickup did not notice the traffic was doing about 25 mph and hit the rear of the trailer at about 65mph.  A rear collision that trapped the driver in his pickup.  After the event was over, SHP officers found where it appeared that the seat belt broke.  

mini-001.jpg (134357 bytes)
Subject trapped in the vehicle as workers try to free him.

mini-002.jpg (118301 bytes)
Using the jaws to pry the door off the vehicle.

mini-005.jpg (165156 bytes)
Front end of the pickup.

mini-006.jpg (143222 bytes)
Working hard to spring the door.

mini-007.jpg (192039 bytes)
The door is nearly off.

mini-008.jpg (168104 bytes)
Door removed, but driver expires during rescue efforts.

mini-014.jpg (137847 bytes)
Distance the pickup was dragged by trailer.

mini-042.jpg (38633 bytes)
News choppers are flying overhead getting pictures.

mini-044.jpg (164566 bytes)
Chief and SHP Sergeant speaking.

mini-052.jpg (148957 bytes)
Stress shows on seat beat.

mini-062.jpg (64878 bytes)
Seat belt clip still in holder.

mini-063.jpg (218242 bytes)
Stress rip in seat belt - tore where it went through the loop behind driver.

mini-057.jpg (168759 bytes)
Windshield pushed back into drivers compartment.

mini-065.jpg (135611 bytes)
Drivers side of car.

mini-066.jpg (185809 bytes)
Front of vehicle.

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