S Main St, Troutman, NC
House Fire

The call came in around 4pm of a house the was fully engulfed in flames.  At first it was thought it might be at a modular home sales lot, but as units arrived, found it was an abandoned house.  The property was up for sale, with nothing inside the residence and the power meter had been removed from the building.  Firemen did have a live power line down that was popping and arcing as firemen avoided the line.  An interior from the the side door pushed the fire out of the house and was knocked down in about 10 minutes to just smoldering.  Units on scene were Troutman Fire/Rescue, Shepherds Fire Dept, Wayside Fire Dept, West Iredell Fire Dept, and Iredell County Air Van.  The heat was a problem taking it's toll on the fire personnel.  Outside temperature was around 85 and very humid.

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Getting to scene before hoses are pulled, fire is coming out the front windows.

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Heat from the flames keep me back from any closer shots.  It appears the center of the house is starting point.

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Taking shelter under the trees to block some of the heat from the fire.

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Heavy smoke kept shifting making it difficulty to see as the wind kept changing directions.

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The flames leap from the building as the parts of the porch fall to the ground.

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Chief Chapman directing people to the locations that they are needed.

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Fire progressed to the back bedroom as fire engulfs the room in flames.

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Fire starts to come from both back windows as the firefighters are in the center of the house pushing it to the outside.

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Smoke comes shooting out the side window as the inside team attacks the fire.

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Advancing the hose to the interior team that are fighting the fire.

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Air tanks start running out as the first team in come out to get a new bottle of air.

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The heat and exertion leave you short of breath and needing to cool down. 

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The fire moved to the outside garage wall which had and enclosed wall.  Boards had to be removed to get to the fire.

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Getting the water to knock down the fire as the smoke moves in around the firemen.

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The pressure on the hose causes the fireman to lean into the stream.

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Getting something from her husband's eye, as he cools down in the shade.

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The interior firemen are winded from the heat from inside and the high temperatures outside.

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The Iredell County Mobile Air Unit 14 arrives on the scene to start filling air bottles.

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Stopping in to check out the mobile air unit, I got a great welcoming.

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Getting the report done is now a ongoing part of the fire/rescue effort.

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Getting the tanks ready to take out after being filled up in the bay.

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Getting the tanks out for the firemen who are waiting outside the truck.

mini-PICT0085.JPG (144927 bytes)
Checking in to see how the filling is going as the empty tanks start to back up.

mini-PICT0098.JPG (162833 bytes)
The interior is being checked by firemen, looking for hot spots.

mini-PICT0099.JPG (185546 bytes)
The front porch shows the intensive burn with alligatoring on the wood.

mini-PICT0101.JPG (151685 bytes)
Room to the right of the center room was not showing as severe burning.

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A fan is set up in the rehab area to help cool down the fire personnel.

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As hose is disconnected from hydrant, firemen get a chance to wash off.

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Medical assistance is there to make sure no one over does the event.

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Chief Troutman finally glad to see the fire knocked down.

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Hauling the hose back up to the truck is a heavy job.

mini-PICT0110.JPG (132457 bytes)
The pump engineer with communications in both hands handles traffic.

mini-PICT0111.JPG (185808 bytes)
Junior firemen break down the hoses to be reloaded onto the turck.

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Taking a moment to relax before the overhaul begins.

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Loading hose puts you into awkward positions on the truck.

mini-PICT0122.JPG (152909 bytes)
Watching for hose to be passed up to them to load.



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