5 Car Rear End Collision

A rear end type collision involved 5 vehicles which required transportation of 5 patients to the hospital.  No one appeared to have life threatening injuries but 3 ambulances were required for transport.  It had rained a heavy downpour which could have been a contributing factor as well as everyone following to close.  Troutman Fire/Rescue, Wayside Fire and Iredell County EMS responded to the scene.

mini-001.jpg (145171 bytes)
Vehicle with the worst damage.

mini-003.jpg (162771 bytes)
Side view of this vehicle.

mini-004.jpg (151842 bytes)
Engine compartment with battery torn up.

mini-006.jpg (99225 bytes)
The wreck covered about a 1/10 of a mile.  The trooper looking up at other vehicles.

mini-007.jpg (125369 bytes)
With two patients loaded, the priority cases were loaded first.

mini-008.jpg (138580 bytes)
The rear of the pickup the silver car hit.  Damage was not as great.

mini-012.jpg (263260 bytes)
Heavy water flowing 1/2 hour after the rain stopped.

mini-014.jpg (117590 bytes)
It's true what they say that a fireman's feet don't touch the ground.

mini-016.jpg (108672 bytes)
Troutman BLS unit arrives on the scene for next 2 patients to go.

mini-022.jpg (150287 bytes)
Getting the last patient out on a back board.

mini-023.jpg (171282 bytes)
Loaded on the backboard and getting secured for transport.

mini-026.jpg (122033 bytes)
Putting down absorbent for the fluid loss.

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