Mobile Home Fire
Sigmon Road, Statesville, NC

The mobile home was found to be fully involved when first arrived on scene.  The renters had moved out approximately 4:00am per witnesses and the call came in around 5:15am.   The renters had been evicted from the property per a neighbor.  The fire is under investigation by the fire marshall's office.  Wayside, Cool Springs, and Troutman Fire departments responded and Iredell County Rescue stood by.

mini-004.jpg (143126 bytes)
Getting to the water into the window.

mini-005.jpg (88504 bytes)
Rescue workers help fire fighters.

mini-007.jpg (134131 bytes)
Fire in the window proves hard to put out.

mini-008.jpg (115687 bytes)
Firefighters on rear fight fire in corner.

mini-012.jpg (118946 bytes)
Motorcycle next to trailer also had damage.

mini-014.jpg (95750 bytes)
Putting water into the mobile home.

mini-017.jpg (122960 bytes)
Under pinning pulled back gives access to fire.

mini-031.jpg (137942 bytes)
From the rear of the mobile home.

mini-033.jpg (106689 bytes)
Electrical meter melted down.

mini-034.jpg (120239 bytes)
Trailer smolders as fire fighters await power company.

mini-035.jpg (101121 bytes)
Sun starts to rise in the background.

mini-039.jpg (109233 bytes)
Dew on grass shows traffic from trucks.

mini-040.jpg (102305 bytes)
Pumper at road has multiple hoses laid.

mini-049.jpg (106285 bytes)
Raising the roof to get to fire.

mini-053.jpg (108307 bytes)
Close area on the road as tankers supply water.

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