Laurel Cove Rd, Statesville, NC
Car into trees

A young lady was going too fast for the curve, hit a pole, and then was sent over an embankment backwards.  A neighbor heard the accident and called for fire/medical assistance.  The vehicle was nearly invisible in the wooded area.  The patient had unknown injuries and was unconcious when found.  She came back around while rescue workers checked her for injuries.  She was then transported by air helicopter to CMC for further treatment.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, CMC helicopter, and NC SHP responded.


The pole in the background was hit, and this was the skin off the passenger door.

Getting into the patient.

The patient had come back around and was combative.

Getting the stretcher ready for the patient.

Getting backboard ready to get patient back up the hill.

Loaded in the ambulance and enroute to LZ.

CMC helicopter on the ground.

CMC Medcenter Air


All the units on the scene.

Fire truck & helicopter.

Front of the truck & helicopter.

Getting patient transfered to helicopter stretcher.

Being loaded into the helicopter