Amity Hill Road
Rollover Fatality

Units arrived on the scene of a reported rollover.  The first unit advised it appeared to be a fatality and EMS confirmed that this was the case.  The scene was unclear as to why the vehicle ran off the road, then overturned.  There was hardly any indication of where the vehicle hit and rolled, although it appeared to be a end over end roll.  The vehicle ended up on its wheels.  The little bit of information was that the victim had just washed the car and was enroute home when this occurred.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, IMED 10, and the NC State Patrol were on scene.

The first truck covered the scene as to protect the identity of the victim.

Rear of the vehicle shows extensive damage.

From this point was the approximate impact point.

State Patrol officers getting measurements.

Front of the vehicle.

After family members left, the door was forced open to get the victim out.

Getting the door open.

The vehicle shows the impact of the accident.

Wrinkles in the roof and hood against the windshield.

Vehicle without the tarp on it.

The State Patrol officers check the interior.

The wrecker arrives to take away the vehicle.


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