Pear Tree Road
Airlifted Patient 

Fire/Rescue & EMS were called to Pear Tree Road for a single vehicle accident.  Dispatch advised that the patient was on the front porch of a residence.  EMS units on scene determined it was best to fly the patient out due to his injuries.   The landing zone was set up in the roadway and the patient was transported to CMC by Medcenter 1.  Fire/rescue personnel helped the wrecker driver right the vehicle.

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Paramedic checking the vehicle for any more victims.

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Getting the patient from the porch and put into the ambulance until helicopter arrives.

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Land Zone commander getting information on helicopter.

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CMC helicopter landing on scene.

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Flight nurses getting out of helicopter.

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Flight nurses coming to the ambulance.

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Getting patient to the helicopter.

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Loading onto the helicopter stretcher.

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Lifting off for the hospital.

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Helicopter leaving as EMS and fire/rescue prepare to clean up.

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Paramedics are cleaning up their unit after incident.

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The fire/rescue personnel helping to flip the car over.

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Top of the vehicle is damage severly.

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Looking in the driver's compartment.

mini-PICT0108.JPG (111666 bytes)
Joking between wrecker driver and Trooper Smith gets a laugh from everyone.


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