US Hwy 21/Ostwalt Amity Road
Rollover with Ejection

The incident involved 2 vehicles, a Chevy passenger car and van.  The Chevy was occupied by 2 adults and 2 small children, none believed to have been wearing seatbelts.  The children's seats were just carriers with no straps to hold the children in the carrier or to be strapped into the vehicle.  Witnesses say the Chevy began hydroplaning and missed on vehicle, hit the van which turned it sideways, then hit the ditch which caused the vehicle to roll.  One child was ejected from the vehicle, and the other child was thrown around inside the vehicle.  Both parents and both children were transported.  The victims in the van were not injured.

Paramedics working on one of the children and the father.

The vehicle after the rollover.

Loading the mother into the vehicle.

The child seat of the ejected child ended up against the front bumper.

No straps inside the carrier to hold the child secure.

The carrier shows impact with the ground and possilbe rolled over child.

The back window was broken out of the vehicle - possible ejection point.

2nd car seat inside the vehicle was not secured as well.

Van that was involved in the accident and marks in the ground where the rollover started.

Vehicle missed the pole.

Trooper Roger Smith getting statement from van driver.

The front of the vehicle showing damage to roof.

Tire showing bald spots which might have contributed to hydroplaning.

Van passengers outside of vehicle signing releases.

Damage to the van.

Someone always gets picked to sweep up.

Frank getting the vehicle loaded on the wrecker.

Just about loaded on the wrecker.


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