I77 North Pin-In
Statesville, NC 

Guest Photographer - Scott Powell

Here is a 10-50 pin in on I-77 north this evening.  Two cars were pulled onto the emergency strip with car trouble when a pickup veered into their parked vehicles.  A total of three victims were airlifted - 2 to Baptist and 1 to CMC.  A female patient was pinned in the vehicle for app. 12 minutes after arrival of Iredell Rescue.  We cut the top off, removed driver and passenger door and pushed the seat back to gain access and removal.  Ebenezer VFD provided a foam blanket due to heavy gas leakage in the vehicle with the pin in.  Harmony VFD responded and assisted EVFD with the landing zone for both helos.  Iredell EMS responded with 3 ALS units, Iredell Rescue responded with a heavy and light crash truck and an ambulance.  I-77 was blocked for app. 1 to 1 1/2 hours tending to the accident.  

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