Rollover with Fatality
I77 SB at the 41 MM

The call came in that a vehicle had rolled over and that there had been an ejection.  Units arriving on the scene found a pickup truck that had rolled and an upside down MG Midget.  The male subject was in between the two vehicles.  The person was dead from massive head injuries.  The SHP, Iredell Co EMS, Troutman Fire & Rescue, Shepherds Fire responded to the call.  SHP contacted the Coroner to pronounce the body.  Traffic was stopped for nearly 1 hour and then one lane was opened.  Upon coming back to Troutman, I spoke with a person at a local garage who stated that the vehicle had come through Troutman earlier and the towed MG was moving across the center line.  The wheel was not secured when towed, and may have been the cause of the vehicles fishtailing and then flipping.  No official cause has been determined as of this time.

Coming onto the scene.

Pickup truck that rolled against the guard rail.

MG Midget upside down leaking fuel.

Vehicle had tow bar on rear of vehicle.

Open hole in windshield.

Impact point on the guard rail where rolling started.

Opening in the rear window possible point of ejection

Front of the vehicle with opening in windshield.

Ending point of vehicles with body in middle.

Numerous SHP units on the scene.

Command for the Fire/Rescue Units.

Tires of the vehicle are skewed.

Coroner on scene pronouncing the body dead.

Loading the body into the Coroner's van.

Trooper checking out the MG.


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