I-77 at 44 Mile Marker
Trailer overturned with equipment

The day was not kind to truckers on I77.  There was an early morning accident where a tractor trailer overturned, and lost a load of lumber.  Another truck ran into the lumber.  I77 was going to be shut down for nearly 8 hours.  This occurred about the time the first accident cleared.  A Honda possibly blew it's engine and the truck driver slammed on brakes, loosing control of the truck and trailer.  The trailer overturned blocking the roadway.  The tie bars on the truck were broken with both front tires going in different directions.  NC DOT truck used their wench to pull the trailer over and to right the small shovel.  While this incident was in progress, about 2 miles further down the road, another tractor trailer jackknifed and blocked the NB lanes. 

Upon arrival on scene, the road is blocked by trailer and truck.

The equipment is on it's side and leaking a little fuel.

About a 5 inch deep gouge in the roadway.

The driver is being attended to by the fireman on scene.

Keeping the sun off the driver who had a minor injury.

The trailer hitch was snapped off.

What's left of the hitch is still on the trailer.

The controls of the hoe are mangled into the ground.

There is a lean to the top of the hoe.

Fire/rescue personnel standing by.

Making sure that no one is hurt when trailer is pulled over.

The trailer is being pulled over by the wench on DOT truck.

The trailer hits the ground and bounces.

Pulling the hoe back on it's track - driver had key and had gone to hospital.




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