I77NB @ 43mm
Car vs. Guard Rail (with fire)

The Ford Mustang appears to have run off the left side of the road in a slight curve and hit the guard rail, and the vehicle caught on fire.  The patient was able to extricate himself from the vehicle.  The units had some difficulty getting to the fire under the hood due to the accident.  Once the engine department was opened, the fire was quickly extinguished.

Video on YouTube

Firefighters atttempting to get into the engine department.

Heavy smoke coming from engine area.

Putting water through a small opening to the engine.

Getting the fire put out.

Still working on gaining entry to the engine.

Air packs work well in the smoke/fumes.

Just about to get the hood up.

Entry was gained.

Front end of the vehicle.

Inside the passenger compartment

Front of fire engine.

Talking about the incident.

View of the engine.

Closer look at the engine.


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