I-77 SB at the 54 MM
Double Entrapment

The call came in as a serious double pin-in and units responded to find one vehicle with the side crushed and the 2nd vehicle appeared to have gone off the road to avoid the first vehicle.  The second vehicle was a U-Haul van truck which went straight into a tree.  Both adults in the vehicle were pinned in due to the engine being pushed back and pinning their legs.  Unconfirmed fire personnel said there may have been a couple of children also in the U-haul.  Pictures were taken about 45 minutes into the call.  Multiple fire and rescue calls were dispatched to assist.

mini-005.jpg (184389 bytes)
Frontal view of the van against the tree.  Both adults were still in the vehicle.

mini-008.jpg (118702 bytes)
Rescue workers working on the passenger's side of the vehicle.

mini-009.jpg (125553 bytes)
Spread tool used to push the door frame apart.

mini-011.jpg (191875 bytes)
Front of the van wrapped around the tree.

mini-014.jpg (187993 bytes)
Second vehicle that was involved.  The driver was walking around the vehicle.

mini-015.jpg (119254 bytes)
Dash on the 2nd vehicle was pushed to the seat as well.

mini-017.jpg (107439 bytes)
Unit freeing the driver and packaging her on the stretcher.

mini-018.jpg (127351 bytes)
Taking the driver from the scene.

mini-019.jpg (153121 bytes)
Winching the vehicle from the tree to get the passenger out.

mini-022.jpg (144734 bytes)
View of the windshield.

mini-025.jpg (125637 bytes)
Rescue workers working on patient to stabilize.

mini-028.jpg (138738 bytes)
Lights were held to be able to see the details inside the vehicle.

mini-029.jpg (116409 bytes)
Rescue Chief Donnie Perry.

mini-036.jpg (162996 bytes)
Bumper pushed in about 28 inches from impact with the tree.

mini-045.jpg (88919 bytes)
A closer view of energy that pushed the bumper in.

mini-038.jpg (142914 bytes)
Patient finally extricated from the vehicle.

mini-039.jpg (149889 bytes)
View of the drivers side of the vehicle - rams and spreader used to push the motor back out of compartment.

mini-040.jpg (131619 bytes)
 Closer view of rams and spreader in the center of the vehicle.

mini-044.jpg (143121 bytes)
Front of the windshield and van top which was punctured by a limb.

mini-047.jpg (133053 bytes)
Passenger side of the vehicle with dash pushed up.

mini-048.jpg (157001 bytes)
Engine against the seat.

mini-050.jpg (124380 bytes)
Passenger side of the vehicle.

mini-051.jpg (128164 bytes)
Rescue workers relaxing for a moment after extrication.

mini-052.jpg (70683 bytes)
EMS unit getting set up for run to hospital.  I liked the reflective tape.

mini-055.jpg (112457 bytes)
North Iredell Rescue with the cable stretched to pull vehicle from tree.

mini-061.jpg (87142 bytes)
Iredell Rescue Heavy Rescue with light tower raised.

mini-062.jpg (119450 bytes)
Ebenezer Fire truck used for lights and fire suppression. 

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