Rear End Collision
N Main St, Troutman, NC

A pickup truck ran into the rear of a car and the 2 in the car complained of neck injuries.  The door on the passenger side was jammed shut and had to be removed to get the patient out.  There was very little damage to the pickup truck.  Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Troutman Police Dept, and All American Towing were on the scene.

Units pulling onto the scene. 

Rear end of the car that was hit.

Getting a starting point for the spreader.

Inserting the spreader

Maintaining traction on the patient's neck.

Door starts to bow open but the bolt was still holding it.

The vehicle was secured as the operation proceeded.

The door was stubborn and pulling helped.

The door was finally opened.

The door bolt was ripped out as it would release the door.

Getting the front pins removed.

Front end of the pickup truck.

Getting it hooked up to the wrecker

Hooking up the front end - what is that around his neck.

Handheld Remote Control for the wench on the wrecker.

Police Officer Long getting the measurements as clean up is done.

All American Towing newest wrecker.


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