Combine & Field Fire
Black Road, Statesville, NC

Fire pagers were activated for a field fire.  First units advised as they checked en route, heavy black smoke.  Additional units were dispatched to the scene.  I was able to see the fire from 7 miles away and others reported similar sightings from a great distance.  Units arriving on scene found a combine on fire, and the wheat field was heading toward the wooded area.  The combine was heavily burned, and the fire departments turned their attention to putting out the wheat fire.  Some of the fire did get into the woods, and was extinguished.  Multiple units from West Iredell, Troutman, & Monticello responded to the scene, and numerous other departments were put on standby.

Video will be at www.YouTube.com/nc911

Scene from 1/2 mile away.

Combine was burning out of control

The area around the field was all burning.

The owners of the combine and field were on scene.

The fire was also fueled by a slight breeze in the area.

West Iredell Pumper arrives across the field to the combine.

Shooting water from the deluge gun.

Adjusting the flow on the deluge gun.

Firefighters fighting the fire further down the field.

Additional units arrive on the scene.

Progress is made on putting out the combine.

Units are make progress on getting it out.

Other units were across the field working on the wheat that burned.

Gutted shell of the combine.

Firefighters taking a break in the 94 degree heat.

Owners of the field and combine are talking.

Command decisions being made from the cab of the truck.

Rear of the combine.

Hitting the fire.

Dowsing the hot spots on the combine.

Did you ever just want to scream?  He did!

Asst Chief working 2 channels at once.

At the truck.

Forestry service being kept very busy.

Trucks at far end of field fighting fire in the woods.

Disconnecting hose from brush truck.

Getting the dirty hose rolled up.

West Iredell Chief.

New reserves are brought in.

Working with the chainsaw.


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