Truck vs. Train Trestle
Statesville, NC

A truck from Gordon Iron Works was enroute to the plant just around the corner from the bridge and did not know his lift was in the upright position.  He hit the bridge with enough force to move the bridge approximately 5 feet.  The driver had injuries even though he had his seatbelt on.  The steering wheel twisted and the windshield was ejected from the impact.  The railroad shut down it's line while cranes were being called to help set the bridge back in place.

mini-001.jpg (156610 bytes)
Looking at scene from rear of truck.

mini-002.JPG (146469 bytes)
Impact point with the bridge ripping hole in bridge.

mini-004.JPG (122434 bytes)
Twisted wheel on the truck shows impact of the driver.

mini-005.JPG (104207 bytes)
Looking at the bow in the steel from underneath the bridge.

mini-006.JPG (116392 bytes)
Front end of truck thrown forward and windshield missing from truck.

mini-012.JPG (161507 bytes)
Skid marks showing how far bridge moved after impact.

mini-016.JPG (241892 bytes)
The bow in the track shows concern for railroad worker.

mini-018.JPG (193006 bytes)
Looking from west side of the bridge showing move.

mini-020.JPG (153925 bytes)
Support that the bridge used to set on before impact.

mini-023.JPG (215128 bytes)
Looking from the east side of the bridge.

mini-024.JPG (182480 bytes)
Looking down at the truck from on top of the bridge.

mini-025.JPG (131147 bytes)
Hole torn open in the plate steel on the bridge.

mini-027.JPG (206684 bytes)
Looking along the track show the upward bow of the track.

mini-035.JPG (169407 bytes)
Track torn away from the ties as plates still hang on to the track.

mini-039.JPG (199882 bytes)
Looking down from hill above the scene as workers wait for 100 ton crane.

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