Overturned Vehicle
Wallace Springs Rd.

The daughter of one of the firemen lost control of her vehicle and had it rollover.  This was a short distance from her school, and a number of her schoolmates stood by with her until the EMS and fire/rescue arrived.  She appeared shaken up but was able to walk to the ambulance.  Good that she was not hurt worse.  The vehicle missed monuments and signs by a short margin.


mini-001.jpg (193092 bytes)
Concerned schoolmates mill around while waiting for the ambulance to arrive

mini-004.jpg (190006 bytes)
Vehicle with side the hit the ground. 

mini-005.jpg (156868 bytes)
Angle of roof has been dropped about 6 inches.

mini-007.jpg (123960 bytes)
EMS Paramedics getting patient into the ambulance.

mini-010.jpg (181077 bytes)
View of the front of the car.

mini-012.jpg (259199 bytes)
This was the impact point after coming out of the ditch and started the roll.

mini-014.jpg (155898 bytes)
Skid marks start from a driveway and then go to the ditch.

mini-016.jpg (242533 bytes)
Impact point is where the rear glass was left on the ground.

mini-017.jpg (267901 bytes)
This hubcap was left standing up in the ground from where it hit.

mini-019.jpg (200585 bytes)
The wrinkle in the windshield shows the heavy impact.

mini-022.jpg (81585 bytes)
Looking through the back window with the glass gone.

mini-026.jpg (129076 bytes)
The trooper taking measurements and writing them on his report.

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