Car Fire
I77 @ 40 mm SB

mini-001.jpg (83414 bytes)
Front end of car involved.

mini-002.jpg (109918 bytes)
Flames leap upward from front end.

mini-003.jpg (77481 bytes)
Another view of front end.

mini-004.jpg (61264 bytes)
Fire being put out by first unit.

mini-005.jpg (75386 bytes)
Attacking with the 1 3/4 inch hose.

mini-007.jpg (88720 bytes)
Looking for additional flames.

mini-009.jpg (110998 bytes)
Trying to get the hood open to check for additional fire.

mini-012.jpg (104896 bytes)
Look from behind vehicle.

mini-013.jpg (98158 bytes)
Working hard to get hood open.

mini-015.jpg (123044 bytes)
Using the Hooligan tool on the front end.

mini-019.jpg (117993 bytes)
Taking the axe to the hood.

mini-021.jpg (131110 bytes)
Hard to open - Axe and Hooligan Tool both attempting entry.

mini-028.jpg (130340 bytes)
The Sawzall is brought in to cut a hole.

mini-029.jpg (112510 bytes)
Putting the tool in the cut.

mini-033.jpg (113883 bytes)
Getting hood peeled back to gain access.

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