Davidson/Rowan Co Line
Train Derailment

Guest Photographer Derek Poole

Here are a few pictures from a train derailment near the Rowan/Davidson County line along Highway 29/70 on 4-26-05. About 10 cars derailed. No one was hurt. Pictures 1-2-3-5 =Clean up  Picture 4: Norfolk Southern Railway Police Officer watching over the derailment site.



mini-de1x.jpg (158669 bytes)I
Clean up in progress

mini-de2x.jpg (160271 bytes)
Where the track meets the rail

mini-de3x.jpg (203398 bytes)
Good lifting power.

mini-dex.jpg (158820 bytes)
Glad it wasn't a passenger train.

mini-nspdx.jpg (126275 bytes)
Railroad Police Car.



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