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Car Fire

At approximately 0200 hrs, a call came in about a car fire near a residence.   The chief was the first on the scene and advised a working fire.  The vehicle was a Ford Mustang convertible.  The owner had advised he had problems with the electrical system, so may have been cause of fire.  The vehicle was a total loss.  This is the first incident I have used my new Canon 30D.  I will have to continue to read the manual about the flash.

mini-IMG_0381.JPG (93928 bytes)
Vehicle engulfed before fire truck arrived on scene.

mini-IMG_0383.JPG (122700 bytes)
Moving around the car shows that it was a red vehicle.

mini-IMG_0386.JPG (99200 bytes)
The ends of the vehicles were more involved in fire than the middle of the vehicle.

mini-IMG_0387.JPG (81670 bytes)
The night was lit up by the fire.

mini-IMG_0393.JPG (66208 bytes)
The attack on the vehicle begins.

mini-IMG_0394.JPG (61561 bytes)
Fire is underneath as well as on top.

mini-IMG_0399.JPG (88924 bytes)
The fire is systematically put out.  The engine compartment is being forced open.

mini-IMG_0400.JPG (68883 bytes)
The interior of the vehicle is getting wet down.

mini-IMG_0401.JPG (59854 bytes)
Into the smoke.  Good to have on an air pack. 

mini-IMG_0403.JPG (106074 bytes)
Working on the rear end, it was found the truck opened from the back window.

mini-IMG_0404.JPG (78282 bytes)
After getting it open, the fire is doused.

mini-IMG_0406.JPG (93214 bytes)
The small hot spots are put out.

mini-IMG_0407.JPG (99458 bytes)
The vehicle gives off steam.

mini-IMG_0408.JPG (123800 bytes)
The possible ignition point of the fire.

mini-IMG_0413.JPG (111942 bytes)
Fire chiefs check out the engine for possible starting point.


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