Ostwalt Rd/Ostwalt Amity Rd
Car vs. Tree

An elderly female came up to a T intersection and went through the stop sign in to the trees across the street.  The weather did have a small amount of fog in the area but not sure if this was a factor.  The car hit a guy wire for a power pole and it snapped the top of the pole off, bringing live wires to the ground.  Units were able to assist getting the patient packaged and transported.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire, Iredell County EMS and NC State Patrol were on scene.

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Firefighter paramedic working with patient checking for injures.

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The top of the pole with the transformer on the ground .

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Path through the trees shows how close to hitting the power pole.

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The transformer is on the ground and appears to be in one piece.

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County EMS take over treating the patient.

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The patient is put on a back board and extricated from the vehicle.

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The daughter of the patient is coming to the scene and fireman assisting her.

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Back side driver's door was peeled back and window broken out.

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Taking the patient out of the wooded area and avoiding power lines.

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Damage to the roof and windshield from top of pole hitting the roof.

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The front end is wrapped around the tree.

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Air bags deployed and helped avert serious injuries to the driver.

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The rest of the pole minus the top on the ground.

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Fire/rescue personnel enjoying the moment to see what is going on.

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Engine 102 


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