Mock Mill Road Pin-In
Guest Photographer - Bill Sherrill

Pictures of wreck on Mock Mill Rd.  There were two patients pinned in the red pick up truck.  Both were extricated with a combination of Amkus and Hurst power tools.  Both patients were flown to CMC in two separate helicopters.  West Iredell VFD, Iredell Rescue, Catawba Rescue, Iredell EMS and CMC worked the call.  The driver was pinned in for app. 45 minutes.  Conditions unknown. 

Mott Mill Road 001.jpg (158212 bytes)
Units arriving assess what needs to be done. Staging area for equipment set up on tarp.

Mott Mill Road 002.jpg (157183 bytes)
Both victims were pinned, as efforts begin to free both patients.

Mott Mill Road 004.jpg (152534 bytes)
The roof has been flapped to give better access to the patients.

Mott Mill Road 005.jpg (151715 bytes)
Rescue workers assembling tools that will be needed for extrication.

Mott Mill Road 007.jpg (153125 bytes)
Similar view of the scene with fire truck there in case of fire threat.

Mott Mill Road 012.jpg (155127 bytes)
Rescue workers access patients from all locations while extrication proceeds.

Mott Mill Road 015.jpg (154315 bytes)
Heavy rescue truck in foreground with one of the two helicopters coming in.

Mott Mill Road 017.jpg (157139 bytes)
Spectators watch s helicopter comes around to land, and workers continue to get patient free.

Mott Mill Road 022.jpg (150759 bytes)
Carolina Medical Center helicopter setting down in field next to incident.

Mott Mill Road 031.jpg (156265 bytes)
Patients have been extracted and are being prepped from trip to Charlotte.

Mott Mill Road 037.jpg (155978 bytes)
Helicopter flight crew get patient ready for flight and monitor vital signs.

Mott Mill Road 042.jpg (152276 bytes)
EMS and helicopter crew get the patient to the helicopter for 15 min flight to Charlotte.



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