Ostwalt Amity Rd/Hwy 21
T-bone Collision

A small car pulled out in front of a pickup truck impacting the driver's side door.  There was also a child in the back of the car who was not hurt.  The female appears to have had head trauma and was transported to Carolina Medical Center by helicopter.  The helicopter came to Ostwalt Baptist Church parking lot for the LZ.  


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Units start checking out the patients in the car.

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The paramedic stabilizes the head of the patient.

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The stretcher is brought in as patient is about to be removed.

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Traffic trying to come up the wrong lane causes problems for responding emergency units.

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The patient is loaded on the stretcher and secured.

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The child is taken out of the car in his childseat.

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A view across the front seat showing what the driver saw.

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The state trooper put his hat down to go into the vehicle looking for a license.

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The trooper checks on the patient as paramedic puts up equipment.

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The helicopter coming in over the tree tops.

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Waiting units wait for touch down of the helicopter

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Close to touching down.

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The patient is about ready for her ride to Charlotte.

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Getting the stretcher ready in the helicopter.

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Taking the patient to the helicopter.

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Words of comfort from paramedic given before transfer.

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Putting the patient on the helicopter stretcher.

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Leaving the scene in the cloudy skies.


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