Double Fatality
Sam Furr Rd/Birkdale Commons Parkway
Huntersville, NC

We were working getting ready for a change to Daylight Savings Time when a call came in at approximately 0141 hours that there was a serious accident with overturned vehicle.  The original call said there were two overturned vehicles.  An officer was on the scene very shortly after the call was given and advised that there were 2 fatalities and 2 other patients.  The driver of the car was airlifted from the scene, and the driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital to be checked out.  Preliminary reports indicate there may have been alcohol involved and excessive speed.  I arrived approx 4 hours after the accident.

Update:  04-05-04 The driver of the SUV was under the influence of alcohol and has now been charged with Murder x 2. The driver was going approximately 80 mph and ran the red light hitting the Honda broadside.  He was not injured in the accident.

mini-PICT0030.JPG (134491 bytes)
View of the scene.

mini-PICT0032.JPG (117948 bytes)
Looking at SUV and Gilead Fire.

mini-PICT0001.JPG (117767 bytes)
The passenger car that had 3 passengers.

mini-PICT0005.JPG (112414 bytes)
Interior from drivers side.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (173149 bytes)
Front end of the SUV.

mini-PICT0011.JPG (134190 bytes)
Point of impact with the SUV.

mini-PICT0014.JPG (112144 bytes)
Looking down from front of vehicle.

mini-PICT0017.JPG (118833 bytes)
Looking from rear of vehicle.

mini-PICT0020.JPG (173612 bytes)
Looking down on the SUV.

mini-PICT0021.JPG (103627 bytes)
Roof and doors cut off are setting to the side.

mini-PICT0022.JPG (110428 bytes)
Gilead Fire truck illuminating the scene with tower lights.

mini-PICT0027.JPG (110604 bytes)
Traffic team plotting out the impact point and travel of vehicles.

mini-PICT0040.JPG (126582 bytes)
Looking into the back seat shows no room due to impact.

mini-PICT0042.JPG (116342 bytes)
Drivers side - dash pushed nearly vertical on passenger's side.

mini-PICT0048.JPG (93785 bytes)
Concord Traffic unit called to use lasers to map intersection.

mini-PICT0050.JPG (76353 bytes)
Traffic team discussing what they think may have happened.

mini-PICT0053.JPG (139731 bytes)
Front end of the vehicle nearly separated due to impact.

mini-PICT0056.JPG (120361 bytes)
Rotation of the vehicle mapped out on the ground using skid marks.

mini-PICT0055.JPG (105057 bytes)
Traffic teams combine to confirm suspicions of vehicle travel.

mini-PICT0057.JPG (86138 bytes)
Using clipboard as a model to show rotation of vehicle after impact.

mini-PICT0060.JPG (166716 bytes)
Tape shows the distance from where first piece of debris was from accident end.

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