Interstate 77 
Rear End Collision

Units were called to the interstate reference an accident that involved a rear end collision with a tractor trailer.  Units arriving on scene found the vehicle, but no victims.  A report that a subject in an orange jump suit was seen going up the interstate.  Statesville PD found the subject about 1 1/2 miles from the scene and returned him.  He had no memory of hitting the truck at all.   He blew 0.00 on the Alca-Sensor but was very confused.  He was released and transported to the hospital to be checked out.

mini-PICT0001.JPG (165952 bytes)
Damage to the front end of the Chevy.

mini-PICT0002.JPG (126265 bytes)
Both air bags deployed.

mini-PICT0005.JPG (134785 bytes)
The windshield spidered but determined it was from airbag deployment.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (110248 bytes)
Looking into the vehicle shows impact with windshield.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (112135 bytes)
The driver was brought back to the scene and checked.

mini-PICT0011.JPG (97779 bytes)
He was released to the EMS to be checked out.


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