Laura Memorial Church of God
Charlotte Hwy/Cornelius Rd

The original call came in as a church on fire.  Units arriving on the scene advised that it was a daycare center behind the church and that flames were visible.  Units from Shepherds, Troutman, Mt Mourne, and Lake Norman responded as well as the Iredell County Air Van.  EMS unit came to stand by in case a medical situation arose.  The fire was quickly contained and brought under control.

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Units arriving find fire coming out on front and back of the roof.

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Pieces of the roof are shot upward as the water pushes it out.

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The back of the building had flames coming out heavier than the front.

mini-PICT0010.JPG (180636 bytes)
Heavy smoke as flames burn the shingles

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Chief getting out orders to the units on scene.

mini-PICT0016.JPG (129816 bytes)
After initial knockdown, units prepare to go on the roof.

mini-PICT0020.JPG (154164 bytes)
Pulling down the ceiling to locate remaining hot spots.

mini-PICT0024.JPG (131356 bytes)
Adequate numbers of firemen in the staging area.

mini-PICT0029.JPG (131206 bytes)
Tankers line the highway supplying water to the scene.

mini-PICT0030.JPG (122832 bytes)
The main pumper supplying water and lights to the units.

mini-PICT0034.JPG (122171 bytes)
Working on getting the shingles off to see if any other fire is found.

mini-PICT0043.JPG (128010 bytes)
Getting multiple firemen working on the roof.

mini-PICT0046.JPG (126065 bytes)
A second team attacks from the other side.

mini-PICT0049.JPG (142765 bytes)
Water is applied to the eaves to put out small hot spots.

mini-PICT0056.jpg (132529 bytes)
A fireman and his axe prepare to do battle against the roof.


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