Car Over An Embankment
Buffalo Shoals Rd @ Davidson Lake

Report came in of a car over an embankment.  At this location, it is about a 35 foot drop off into trees.  First units on the scene found the driver to be in pretty good condition.  The car had left the road, turned on it's side and hit a couple of pine trees.  Heavy briars hindered getting to the patient but the patient was able to walk out on her own.  A witness advised that the driver was going to fast into the curve and lost control, nearly hitting another vehicle head-on.

mini-002.jpg (180920 bytes)
Looking over the embankment through the briars to the overturned car.

mini-003.jpg (188931 bytes)
Rescue workers find a way down to the vehicle.

mini-005.jpg (158035 bytes)
Location where the vehicle went over the embankment.

mini-007.jpg (86453 bytes)
EMS unit waiting with the patient to go to the hospital.

mini-008.jpg (89615 bytes)
Getting lights set up to work with the vehicle.

mini-010.jpg (167631 bytes)
Bottom of vehicle facing the road.  The tree shows damage where the car hit.

mini-011.jpg (78752 bytes)
Rescue/Firemen stand by to see what equipment might be needed.

mini-015.jpg (213222 bytes)
Wrecker starting to pull vehicle up the embankment.

mini-020.jpg (114934 bytes)
Wrecker getting a better position before pull started up steepest part.

mini-018.jpg (183540 bytes)
Damage on the tree from the vehicle.  This was about 10 feet up on the tree.

mini-022.jpg (180641 bytes)
Damaged front end coming up over the hill.

mini-025.jpg (133580 bytes)
Wes watching the vehicle as it comes the last few feet.

mini-026.jpg (136049 bytes)
Damaged windshield.

mini-027.jpg (136969 bytes)
Rear end of the vehicle showing crumpled rear end.

mini-029.jpg (93391 bytes)
Driver side damage where windshield hit the tree.

mini-032.jpg (117334 bytes)
Vehicle being hooked up to the wrecker.

mini-038.jpg (156703 bytes)
Frank working on getting everything hooked up. Heavy damage to front end.

mini-040.jpg (125103 bytes)
Front end damage.

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