Ostwalt Amity Rd at Hwy 21
T-bone collision

Units responded to a t-bone type collision at an intersection south of Troutman.  The impact rolled one vehicle onto it's top and the both drivers were injured.  There had been an accident on the interstate which had traffic diverted to Hwy 21 and the driver that turned in front of the black SUV was trying to follow another vehicle to get back to the interstate.  The road was closed for about an hour and traffic backed up for a few miles.

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Vehicles ended up at intersection, one on it's roof.

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Black SUV ended up with grill in driver window.

mini-PICT0004.JPG (112476 bytes)
Rescue workers working with both patients beside the vehicles.

mini-PICT0005.JPG (146824 bytes)
Heavy damage to front end of Chevy Blazer.

mini-PICT0006.JPG (162777 bytes)
Both drivers being attended to and being immobilized.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (121169 bytes)
1st patient being loaded up and getting readied for transport.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (115536 bytes)
Sherry getting ready to lift the stretcher.

mini-PICT0015.JPG (197261 bytes)
Looking into the engine compartment.

mini-PICT0022.JPG (161375 bytes)
Being loaded onto the wrecker.

mini-PICT0027.JPG (148507 bytes)
Impact area on the smaller SUV showing heavy impact.

mini-PICT0018.JPG (134052 bytes)
Patient being check prior to being loaded for transport.

mini-PICT0028.JPG (117872 bytes)
Officer Ron Lambert helping out with the traffic problem.


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