I40 - Tractor Trailer overturned on vehicle


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An earlier wreck about 3/4 of a mile from this accident scene had traffic back up. The tractor trailer driver had just started driving this week, and didn't see the vehicles stopped in the roadway.  After  hitting a van, the Q45 was demolished, and another tractor trailer sideswiped.  The truck then started to turn over, pinning 3 people in a vehicle, and falling on another.  The truck caught fire, but the fire department was at the other wreck and were on scene within a minute.  There were very minor injuries in contrast to all the damage.

mini-003 Rear of Q45.jpg (77965 bytes)

Remains of Q45

mini-004 Cribbing the truck near the car.jpg (50982 bytes)

Foam put down where trailer on car.

mini-005 Toyota under the trailer.jpg (30322 bytes)

Front end of Toyota all that is visible.

mini-006 Working under the trailer.jpg (40713 bytes)

Working under the trailer.

mini-007 Rear of Honda.jpg (55090 bytes)

Rear of Honda that trailer fell on.

mini-008 Positioning of airbag near car.jpg (33022 bytes)

Large air bags positioned near vehicle.

mini-010 Positioning air bags.jpg (37555 bytes)

Looking under the trailer at car - hand sticking out of car.

mini-011 Looking toward car.jpg (41995 bytes)

Bags being positioned and explaining things to driver.

mini-012 Rescue on scene.jpg (69991 bytes)

Multiple agencies on scene to assist.

mini-013 Female looking out of vehicle.jpg (40762 bytes)

Female looking out of vehicle.

mini-014 Foaming the area.jpg (46682 bytes)

Fireman foaming the area to be on the safe side behind trailer.

mini-015 Rear end of car sticking out behind trailer.jpg (47884 bytes)

Rear end of car sticking out.

mini-020 Making contract with trailer.jpg (38987 bytes)

Air bag making contact with trailer.

mini-023 Bags under trailer.jpg (45477 bytes)

Starting the lift.

mini-026 Looking across the hood.jpg (33185 bytes)

Looking across the hood - cutter ready to take out doors.

mini-031 Cutting the windshield.jpg (31943 bytes)

Cutting the windshield out.

mini-035 Side view of rear of Honda.jpg (63509 bytes)

Rear end of Honda beside working area.

mini-036 Driver removed from vehicle.jpg (59771 bytes)

Driver removed from vehicle.

mini-045 Escorting through all the air lines.jpg (56561 bytes)

Taking the baby away.

mini-046 Third passenger coming out of vehicile.jpg (58895 bytes)

Backseat passenger coming out last.

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