Crouch's Garage Fire
Shelton Ave


The call cane in as a building fire and the first officer on the scene confirmed a working fire.  Upon arrival, the fire was through the roof, and as the first trucks arrived, hoses were deployed to the front and side.  An interior attack was halted due to the explosion of either propane tanks or acetylene tanks from inside the building.  The roof fell in shortly afterwards and an exterior attack was done.  Units from Troutman Fire, Wayside Fire, Cool Springs Fire, Monticello Fire, Iredell Rescue, and others that I am not sure were dispatched to the scene.  The building was a total loss as well as a couple of vehicles, a boat, a motorcycle and tools.

mini-001.JPG (88865 bytes)
Firemen getting to the scene pulling hose as building burns.

mini-002.JPG (112678 bytes)
The roof is sagging and flames are being pushed to the north side of the building by a light wind.

mini-003.jpg (109748 bytes)
Entry is gained into the office, but the explosion of tanks inside cause fireman to back out.

mini-004.jpg (107997 bytes)
Flames leap as the fire gains headway.

mini-005.jpg (107786 bytes)
Another view of the side.

mini-006.jpg (92818 bytes)
The back of the building was involved as well.

mini-007.jpg (117428 bytes)
Fireman puts water to the roof area trying to save the front office area.

mini-008.jpg (99643 bytes)
Chief Church getting status reports from other officers as to progress.

mini-009.jpg (107714 bytes)
Orange glow in background as fire is masked by the smoke.

mini-010.jpg (77130 bytes)
A shot from outside into the office after the roof had collapsed.

mini-011.jpg (81188 bytes)
Firemen working outside to gain a point to put water inside.  

mini-012.jpg (72155 bytes)
As fire is knocked down, the rafters at the end of the building burn.

mini-013.jpg (134793 bytes)
Fireman douse the fire in the roof area from an exterior door.

mini-014.jpg (137920 bytes)
The roof coming down brought down one door giving access to the fire.

mini-015jpg.jpg (147069 bytes)
Looking inside at one of the vehicles that was crushed by the roof.

mini-016.jpg (104990 bytes)
The roof collapsing caused the opposite wall to start to buckle.

mini-017.jpg (109715 bytes)
A junior fireman assists in changing the air tanks as firemen change out.

mini-018.jpg (99535 bytes)
Looking inside from the interior office door at the remains from where roof collapsed.

mini-019.jpg (130422 bytes)
Chad Morrow catching a breather after being inside and on the hose.

mini-020.jpg (111515 bytes)
The pumper is being fed by one of the multiple trucks from different departments.

mini-021.jpg (116580 bytes)
Troutman tanker pumping water to the pumper as the fire progresses.

mini-022.jpg (125291 bytes)
Cool Springs large tanker is ready to move into position to supply water.

mini-023.jpg (136784 bytes)
After the initial knockdown of the fire, a older Mercedes coupe was found under the rubble.

mini-024.jpg (121767 bytes)
The Fire Marshall is getting his gear ready to attempt to find the cause of the fire.



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