Buffalo Shoals Rd, Statesville, NC
T-bone Collision - Air Transport


The accident occurred on Buffalo Shoals Rd as a person was stopped waiting for traffic to turn into their driveway.  That person was in the gray Honda CRV that got hit in the rear.  The van had slowed coming up behind the Honda CRV when the blue car crossed the center line hitting the Honda CRV which turned it sideways into the van that was behind the Honda CRV.  The driver of the blue car was airlifted to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte.  The driver of the van was transported to a local hospital.  The driver of the Honda CRV was not injured.

Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Carolina Medical Center AirCare helicopter and NC State Patrol responded to the scene.


Patient in blue car was entrapped in the vehicle.

Getting the patient out of the vehicle.

Stretcher ready to receive the patient.

Front view of vehicles.

Side impact was mostly behind the driver's door.

Closer look at the impact point.

Hurst tools after the rescue ready to be put back on the truck.

Getting the driver out of the van.

Holding the door open to allow room for rescuers.

Scene from other side.

Helicopter landing.

Bringing patient out to helicopter stretcher.

Patient transferred to the helicopter stretcher.

Loading the patient on the helicopter.

Preparing for take off.

Blades are accelerating.

Lift-off and heading to Charlotte.

Tires on the Kia were all leaning outwards.

Front ends of the vehicles.

Closer look at the wheel that was broken.

Damage to the Honda CRV - Wheel was jammed into rear door.


Finishing up at the scene.

Ready to head back to the station.


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