Truck vs. Tree
Murdock Rd, Troutman, NC

The Ford F350 appeared to have left the road, hit a ditch, then went into a tree, entrapping the driver in the vehicle.  A witness said it appeared the driver may have fallen asleep.  The driver had severe injuries to his leg with multiple fractures.  He was trapped in the vehicle for a short time and the Hurst tool was used to free the patient.  He was taken to Lake Norman Regional Hospital to be flown out.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police Dept, NC SHP and J & J Towing were on scene.

Vehicle against tree as rescue workers extricate the driver.

The front of the vehicle took a severe impact with the tree.

The driver was extracted and put on a backboard in preparation to transport.

Side view of the interior of the vehicle.

Front end of the vehicle and tree.

From the other side of the tree.

Looking from the back seat of the truck.

Closer view of the dashboard.

Units on the scene.

Closer look at front end of the vehicle.

Passenger side of vehicle.

The tree showing damage.

Getting loaded on the wrecker.

Two wreckers needed to get the front end on the rollback.

The truck finally loaded on the rollback.


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