Barn Fire
Charlotte Hwy, Mooresville

A small barn was fully involved when the call came in and unit responding were reporting a large column of smoke coming from the area.  Units from Shepherds, Troutman, Mooresville, and South Iredell responded to the scene.  The tankers were called in for support as there was not a close water supply.  Approximately 10 trucks were used in fighting this fire.  This location had another fire a few years ago, and the building that burned today was what was saved from the previous fire.  No cause at the time of the was determined and the Iredell County fire marshal was called in for investigations.

The building was about down when I arrived.

Putting water on the fire with a straight tip nozzle.

Fire was still prevalent at both end of the building.


From end of the building.

Firefighters attacking the front.

Putting your back into the fire.

Shutting down the hose.

At full pressure, 6 firefighters on the hose.

Mooresville Fire Captain.

The other building had heat damage on the siding.

Finding the hot spots.

Power that was run to the building.

Keeping water to the hoses.

Pump Operator.

Shepherds Pumper

South Iredell and Troutman tankers standing by to unload.

2 tankers flowing water to the pumpers.

Old motorcycle burned in the fire.

Mooresville Helmet.

Reloading the truck.

On top of the bed.

South Iredell tanker.

Getting things reloaded on the truck - clean up will start shortly.


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