Pickup vs. Tree
Kernersville, NC 

Photos by Kernersville Fire Investigator
Sent to me by Brent Jones

10-50 Pin In with Fire


On Wednesday, February 23 at 1702 hours, Engine 42 was dispatched to a vehicle collision on Highway 66 just south of Interstate 40. While en route, Communications advised that they had received additional calls reporting fire involvement. E42 could see smoke from approximately one mile out and requested an additional engine be dispatched.

E44 was dispatched, and upon E42's arrival, they found a single vehicle collision pickup truck versus a tree with a fire in the engine compartment and sole occupant pinned. They requested Squad 41 respond. Engine 42 extinguished the fire and began extrication. Using rescue tools from all three units, the patient was freed in approximately 15 minutes and was transported in critical condition to North Carolina Baptist Trauma Center by Forsyth County EMS.


mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 001.jpg (147935 bytes)
Squad 41 and Engine 42 beginning Scene Clean up

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 002.jpg (182106 bytes)
Fire Personnel sorting out various equipment from different units

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 003.jpg (179282 bytes)
Truck struck the tree and then rotated 90 degrees

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 004.jpg (173122 bytes)
Close up of the driverís side * Notice the front tire is in the cab area *

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 005.jpg (122033 bytes)
Front view of the truck. Part of the tree imbedded into the bumper

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 006.jpg (156606 bytes)
Another view of the driverís side

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 007.jpg (176996 bytes)
Passenger side of the truck. Passenger door came off during impact and rear door was easily removed to gain safe access to the patient since the airbag had not deployed

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 008.jpg (157917 bytes)
Interior view of cab * Notice that the steering wheel was pushed into the driver *

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 009.jpg (181176 bytes)
Another picture of the front of truck and the scaring on the tree

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 010.jpg (179602 bytes)

Close up of where the driver was sitting

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 011.jpg (147967 bytes)
Another view of driverís side

mini-Hwy 66 2-22-06 012.jpg (143858 bytes)
Engine 44 and EMS 27 (leaving with patient enroute to NCBH) 


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