Fire Truck vs. SUV
Hwy 64

Guest Photographer Stephen Snow

These are the pictures of an accident between a Statesville City Fire Truck and an SUV.  The driver of the SUV was airlifted to North Carolina Baptist Hospital.  The firemen in the truck were okay.  Iredell Rescue, Statesville Fire, Cool Springs Fire Dept, Iredell County EMS and Statesville Police & NC State Highway Patrol.

mini-DSC00077.JPG (118896 bytes)
Fire Truck

mini-DSC00078.JPG (125034 bytes)
Working on vehicle

mini-DSC00079.JPG (117836 bytes)
Iredell Rescue at work

mini-DSC00080.JPG (108181 bytes)
Iredell Rescue working

mini-DSC00081.JPG (113110 bytes)
Off the side of road

mini-DSC00082.JPG (105253 bytes)
The roof taken off.

mini-DSC00083.JPG (112059 bytes)
Fire truck in background

mini-DSC00084.JPG (120834 bytes)
Law enforcement watching

mini-DSC00085.JPG (129242 bytes)
Working the scene.

mini-DSC00086.JPG (128746 bytes)
View of truck

mini-DSC00087.JPG (117954 bytes)
After the extrication.

mini-DSC00089.JPG (89320 bytes)
Interior of vehicle.


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