Blessing Road
House Fire

A house that was for sale and occupied was on fire when firefighters arrived.   The house had a lot of interior damage, with the fire appearing to have started in the rear.  The fire was knocked down quickly by Mooresville Fire, Shepherds Fire, with assistance from Mount Mourne Fire & Troutman Fire, Mooresville Rescue and Iredell County EMS.  The fire is under investigations.

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Smoke coming from the ends of the house.

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Left side has smoke coming from attic.

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Fireman watching the roof.

mini-004.jpg (66565 bytes)
Smoke from the back porch area.

mini-006.jpg (88243 bytes)
Right side of house as firemen break out window.

mini-008.jpg (86082 bytes)
Looking through the broken window.

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Shepherds Pumper 

mini-011.jpg (174823 bytes)
House from the distance.

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Mount Mourne Truck.

mini-023.jpg (91589 bytes)
Ventilating the roof.

mini-024.jpg (138191 bytes)
Back porch.

mini-025.jpg (130524 bytes)
Inside the rear room where may have started.

mini-026.jpg (153478 bytes)
On the back porch.

mini-027.jpg (123251 bytes)
Coming off the roof.

mini-028.jpg (103540 bytes)
Firemen check the scene for source.

mini-029.jpg (115925 bytes)
Resident being taken in to be checked out.

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The chief with firefighters around vehicle.

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Mooresville Air Van.

mini-038.jpg (130448 bytes)
Loading the ladders back.

mini-039.jpg (111915 bytes)
Securing the ladders.

mini-041.jpg (111890 bytes)
Rack being lifted to the top of the truck.


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