Head-On Collision
Old Mountain Rd/Hwy 21

This accident involved an entrapment with injuries to both drivers.  This was the 3rd accident that was within about a 30 minute period which Troutman Fire/Rescue was involved.  Iredell Rescue and members from Mooresville Rescue were on scene to assist as well as Sheriff Dept, Troutman Police, and NC State Patrol.  This was also at the time when school children were going to school about 1 mile away, so traffic was very heavy.  The roof of the entrapment was taken off and the patient extracted.  The other patient was taken from vehicle without much trouble.

mini-PICT0018.JPG (150551 bytes)
Driver entrapped in the vehicle as the roof is being worked on to be taken off.

mini-PICT0025.JPG (126282 bytes)
Second vehicle with fireman working with patient.

mini-PICT0028.JPG (174347 bytes)
Some cuts have been made on the passenger side and work is being done on the driver's side.

mini-PICT0032.JPG (155785 bytes)
The Hurst Cutters are being used to cut the B & C Posts.

mini-PICT0037.JPG (143202 bytes)
The roof is being lifted gently off the vehicle.


mini-PICT0042.JPG (158226 bytes)
Just about there, getting a few last cuts in to release it.

mini-PICT0055.JPG (180955 bytes)
Paramedics slide in a back board behind the patient.

mini-PICT0064.JPG (131058 bytes)
The other patient is being taken to the ambulance while work continues at the other truck.

mini-PICT0067.JPG (169295 bytes)
The patient is slid up the board and strapped down.

mini-PICT0088.JPG (152909 bytes)
Paramedics are getting IV's started and securing to board.

mini-PICT0091.JPG (134555 bytes)
Front end of the 2nd vehicle involved.

mini-PICT0094.JPG (140053 bytes)
Engine was compacted back into the firewall.

mini-PICT0105.JPG (136906 bytes)
Driver compartment of extricated patient.

mini-PICT0110.JPG (114063 bytes)
The edges of the door frame show the cuts from the Hurst Tool.

mini-PICT0116.JPG (175395 bytes)
Patient is ready to be loaded on the stretcher and taken to the ambulance.

mini-PICT0124.JPG (154470 bytes)
The task of taking the equipment apart and putting it back on the truck begins.

mini-PICT0126.JPG (150862 bytes)
Look at the impact point on the 1st pickup.

mini-PICT0128.JPG (139574 bytes)
Cribbing is being removed from under the truck 

mini-PICT0140.JPG (96977 bytes)
Fireman examine the damage on the truck

mini-PICT0142.JPG (111449 bytes)
The truck is about finished and getting ready to be towed.

mini-PICT0146.JPG (158025 bytes)
Another look under the hood - I was playing shooting from the ground.

mini-PICT0148.JPG (118528 bytes)
The driver's side of the vehicle - The sun plays havoc in the early mornings.

mini-PICT0153.JPG (131816 bytes)
Looking from other side of vehicle at drivers compartment.

mini-PICT0157.JPG (164236 bytes)
Highway Patrol & Sheriff Dept Vehicles.


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