Amity Hill Rd
Car vs. Tree

A young man was very lucky when he left the road in a curve at high speed.  The vehicle appears to have flown for about 50 feet before hitting a fence and then landing about 40 feet beyond the fence.  The vehicle then continued hitting the fence again, and then a large tree.  Upon arrival, the doors of the vehicle were not jammed and the patient was conscious and talking.  There was no entrapment and he was not pinned in.  The vehicle had a indentation from the tree that was about 18 inches into the motor, the dash was pushed to the roof line, and the steering wheel was pushed to the left.  Truly amazing that the young man is still with us.  Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS and State Highway Patrol responded to the scene.

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Arriving on the scene, taking a picture from the roadway using headlights of my vehicle. 

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The Chief of the department looking for other victims as homeowner maintains traction on victims neck.

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The vehicle was under a metal fence but was not causing a problem with extraction of the patient.

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Front view of the vehicle, tree, and rescue workers as they check out the patient.

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Vehicle engine was smoking and fireman cuts the battery cable to prevent any shorts.

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Looking from where fence used to be before impact and brown dirt was the impact point of the vehicle before sliding into the tree.

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Workers get the patient onto a back board in preparation for transport to the hospital.

mini-015.jpg (234438 bytes)
Impact point with the tree shows depth of tree into the engine compartment.

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Interior of the vehicle after impact.  The dash was pushed around the driver but legs were clear and steering wheel was pushed to the left to where it touched the door.

mini-017.jpg (158444 bytes)
Fence on top of the vehicle.

mini-019.jpg (179055 bytes)
Frontal view of the Toyota.

mini-020.jpg (115821 bytes)
Dash that was pushed up the roof of the vehicle.

mini-022.jpg (157656 bytes)
The tree is showing the damage from the impact.

mini-024.jpg (184435 bytes)
After hitting tree, the vehicle bounced backwards.

mini-026.jpg (160244 bytes)
Looking from the vehicle back to the roadway which was behind the patrol car.


Camera:  Minolta Dimage 7i with Flash.

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